Have a single setting in .Net to emulate Desktop

We're all under significant pressure to switch from Desktop to .net.  However, I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that part of my hesitation is that we've spent years getting familiar with Desktop, and .net is a completely different product, with different functionality, in many cases different terminology, and a very different look.  It's like learing a totally new piece of software.

To make things easier on us (and make it MUCH easier in terms of staff training), could there be a tickbox in Settings that would emulate the look and functionality of Desktop within .net.  If ticked, it would then open up a series of other checkboxes that could be worked through at leisure gradually turning on the full .net functionality.

The key thing from my perspective (although others would differ, I'm sure) are that rather than trying to configure Views, the Open orders screen should be a line per order as it is in Desktop once the "Items" column is switched off - that way, we can see about 20 orders at a time rather than just 4 or 5 !  Additionally, it would be very helpful if the Purchase Orders and the Inventory screen should look and function as they now do.

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