Auto Responce on new orders to comply with New GPDR

 I think that the email auto responce should be able to send out an email to every new order so that us sellerers can comply with the new GPDR Rules.

As to set up a manual reponce to do every day in bulk could cause issues in bottlenecking, I receive in excess of 300 orders a day so on a monday morning this would result in over 1000 emails being sent which then could cause issues with it looking like we are sending spam. If each order was responded to as it was receieved this would stop this happening.

Please can you include open orders in the auto responce dropdown

Thank You



Hello Mick,

Automating emails for Open Orders is not something that we will be implementing as there are quite big conflicts with that functionality and how it might be utilized. Most of customers within EU are already aware of the GDPR regulations and that information can also be included in your Despatch emails. 

However, if you still feel like you would like to have automated emails being sent out to your customers when you receive orders then that is something that should be achievable via a custom macro script which should be capable of sending out emails to customers when an order is received. 

I must also mention that custom scripts are a chargeable service and I would strongly advise to read through the following Scripting Terms and Conditions if you would choose this option:

Please let me know on your decision and if needed I will convert this request to a ticket and forward it to our Customization department for further discussion. 

Bests Regards,


Tech Support Team

This is a good idea - you are quick to offer a 'paid for' service despite not thinking it's required. Bear in mind, your bizarre system of not processing the order until it is shipped/packed/made/out the door means the customer knows nothing about the order for possibly days in a manufacturing process.

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