Recent Survey was appalling

I think that the most recent survey you have asked us to fill in was actually so bad I think it is worth my time making a ticket and forum post on it. 

The best example is the first question on the second page. 

All of those 5 things are crucially important to an eCommerce company and to say one is most and one is least doesn't capture it. 

I appreciate all customers will have differing requirements however you should have asked that and all the subsequent questions on a grading system of 1-10 with 10 being crucially important to the company and 1 being not very important. 

That way you should have been able to see on all of it how important relative to everything else it actually is. 

The relative to one another is the key principal. All you have done is got yes or no answers which IMO is very misleading and incorrect. 

Also from seeing the recording of Fedor at the latest academy and knowing what you are planning for the next period of time all you are doing is looking for validation that you are prioritizing the correct things which you are already working on. 

At no point in the survey did you ask for feedback on other ideas or comments or to give us any scale to say how important things are relative to each other. All you asked was is this important yes or no - is that important yes or no. 

If you had of done it on a grading system then you could have seen how important this was compared to that and make decisions based on that. 

Very poor survey!!!


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