Amazon inventory sync

Hi all,

After several months of trying, my application has finally been approved by amazon and my listing is now live as of this morning. 

However my inventory is not syncing with linnworks. I noticed this problem about a month ago when I first integrated with amazon but as my listing wasn't live yet, I assumed that was the problem and it would be resolved as soon as my listing became active...but it hasn't. 

I've waited for several order syncs to happen within linnworks, yet there's no change on my amazon inventory.

Any tips for getting this working, shall I disconnect and reconnect the integration or try something else?



Please make sure 'Update Inventory' is enabled within Amazon channel config and at least one location is selected in 'Edit channel location mapping' setting in the Channel Integration screen. Once location has been selected, Linnworks will send the stock level updates to your Amazon channel.

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