I understand that many businesses here must be selling ex VAT to EU businesses. However LW charges VAT on postage how are you guys overcoming this as products can be set to 0 - this is mainly for use with Direct Orders 



Thank you for your question.

For eBay VAT settings can be edited per country: - Settings - General settings - Manage countries - Tax rate:0

For Shopify, Magento and Amazon channel integrations there is a setting 'Use channel tax settings' available in channel integration configurator.

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Technical Support

A workaround for this could be the set the P&P Cost to 0 and add Service Line for your the P&P with the Tax set to 0?

Hi Renzo

Nice one - its a workaround just surprised Linnworks been around for a while and its not implemented properly 

Thank you!

Hi Azer,

Hopefully, they will get there soon! 

They allow overriding this from the API so maybe a custom Macro rule or a little app might also work until they sort it out

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