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I had opened a ticket for incorrect sorting in the open orders 9 months ago, its still not resolved until now. I have sent many reminders but shameless support team does not even bother to response.

Is this normal practice for linnworks support team or this special treatment is only for us?

And is there any way to escalate the case? Or linnworks management do not believe in customer service at all .



Thank you for reaching out. I'm sorry to hear about this, I have taken a look at the ticket but see that our support-team has responded to every message thus far (8 replies in total). The last reply also informs you on how to escalate the ticket should you want to. 

We see that you regularly follow-up in the ticket but there is nothing you are required to do from your side at this point. The issue has been identified as a bug for which a development-card has been raised. This development card has been attached to the support ticket, which means that when the fix is released, you will be automatically notified. 

If you have any detailed questions on the status of the bugfix or other processes, please follow-up in the ticket which allows us to reply with more detail.

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience Manager

Hi Klaas ,

Do you feel any shame at all? i had already attached the complete conversation in my message and you can clearly see that the last message i received from your so called "Customer support" team was 6 months ago. Since then i have not received any update on the same, and you are still defending the sheer incompetence of your teams. And you are "Customer Experience Manager", if this is the the attitude of a customer experience manager then no wonder why your team doesn't give any damn about resolving customers issue.

You failed to fix a small bug in 9 months and all i heard until now is absurd excuses. And you still want me to waste more time on sending messages on the same ticket on which your team did not bothered to give any update in last 6 months. This is what you call customer "Experience".  Shame on you.

And no i don't have any "detailed" question, i have one very simple question, can you answer it. 

"When this issue will be resolved, how many months or years your team takes to resolve a small bug like this ?"


Hi Mobin,

In my reply was literally answering the questions as to why you have not received an update, this is because the updates are automated when a development is released. As mentioned, we do not ask you to do any more effort than you have already done, we only ask more patience whilst our developers work on the fix. I will update you shortly in the ticket explaining why this fix is taking longer than usual, but in short it is because the fix has been integrated in a much larger rewrite of certain parts of Linnworks functionality. So instead of patching up little bugs left and right, we have decided to give some core functionality a complete overhaul. The good news is that this means that the software will become more robust, feature reach and less prone to bugs in the future. The bad news is that this can, in some cases, lead to a longer queue for small fixes that get assimilated in the process. 

Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience Manager

Still no reply to an important issue of Ebay listings not re-listing correctly over a 24hrs old now,  so much for the amazing 24hr support not at all impressed as this is a major bug


Apologies  for the delay in replying to your ticket. Last week we were experiencing an increased amount of inquiries from our customers so this resulted in longer wait. One of  my colleagues is already investigating the issue.

We will update you as  soon as we have any more infromation.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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