My Shopping cart UNDERCHARGES shipping because Linnworks doesn't provide accurate shipping weight!

I'm looking to find out what other people are doing to resolve this.  Linnworks sends my shopping cart an item weight - The shipping carriers use this weight to calculate weight-based shipping  costs.  The shopping cart then UNDERCOLLECTS payment from the customer because it's not able to compute the actual packaging weight.    Linnworks then CORRECTLY caculates the shipping weight and prints our postage labels......

IN MANY CIRCUMSTANCES, we can lose $10 on a shipment.

I have asked Linnworks three times now on this ,and i'm told there is NO WAY we can override the weight being sent to the shopping cart.  This would provide a way to resolve this if we could set an Attribute and control the weight going to the shopping cart.

I can't be the only person having this problem can I?   Yes I realize there's expensive plugins for shopping carts to try and compute packaging weights, but that's silly to REQUIRE that functionality - why can't Linnworks simply give me a way to manage it myself?



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