Composite weight and dimensions

At the moment composites are considered an extra item when the weight of the parcel is calculated.

Eg: ABC-COMP (weight 80 grams) is a composite made of ABC-1 (weight 50 grams) and ABC-2 (weight 50 grams). 

Linnworks is going to work out total weight is 180 grams (50+50+80) when sending the parcel.

The request is for the weight and dimensions of a composite to override the weight and dimensions of the children.

So in the previous example, total weight should be 80 grams as it is the weight of ABC-COMP (the composite that is made of both SKUs).

We have been advised to use 0 as the weight of composite but this does not reflect reality. To use a negative number would be more useful.

The reason is when selling composites, we can remove extra packing material from the parcel. So a composite will generally weight less than the sum of its parts. 

The same applies to packaging: composites are created because they will fit in certain packaging, so the packaging defined at the composite level should override the packaging for each child SKU.



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