Would like to see an "Export Composite item only" in ShipStation integration


We ship our order using ShipStation. Orders are exported to ShipStation from Linnworks. From within Linnworks, we can have either the bundle SKU or bundle SKU with composite exported to ShipStation. Sending the bundle SKU only means the person pulling the order has to manually figure out what parts make up the bundle. Sending the bundle SKU and the composite SKU mean the person pulling the order has to know the bundle SKU isn't a physical item to be pulled. Neither is very ideal.  

How about have the options in the Linnworks ShipStation integration to only send the composites?  I feel this will make pulling order for us a lot faster. Can this be done easily?


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Any way of getting this feature added?  It would be nice to only send composite items and not the parent item to ShipStation.


I've recently switched from using Fulfilment Centre Export to Open Orders Export..... the same is happening to me.... the parent SKU is being exported as well as the 3 children.... 

This isn't an issue for Fulfilment Centre Export - surely it can be added to open orders export too?

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