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Hi All

Don't want this to be a moan however I am finding that the is not fit for purpose and causing problem after problem which as usual the staff at Linnworks immediately state that we do something wrong without checking the issue, today we have had the sync running constant for around 4 hours and not on order pulled down. We are finding that the SKU's don't link amongst other issues.

Can we not campaign to have the desktop back as the is clearly not ready and costing money in man hours and errors so should not be charged at the current rate. Not sure what you guys think but me for one are getting fed up at the way we are spoken to and issues not fixed. If I ran my business that way I am sure I would be bust  

Hello Dan,

About a month ago one of your tickets was escalated to me. It was regarding imports into As you might be aware, imports in and Desktop are identical at this point. The support team has created manual movies for you specifically in that ticket and up to today, I am waiting for a reply from you in that ticket to help you further. Regarding the synchronization modules, these also run parallel between Linnworks Desktop and This means that if an order is not present in it also is not there in Linnworks Desktop. For more details about your specific situation and what you can do with the help of the sync logs, please see the reply in the ticket about the missing orders. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer experience. 

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