Please add back the 'Print Item Labels' button and feature to the Stock In screen on .net

Please add back the 'Print Item Labels' button and feature to the Stock In screen.

On the .net screen there is a tiny button to click to mark off the Purchase order and to choose to print lables, the Print Item Lables button was a neat solution and the ability to always have the 'Mark as delivered when booking in' checked.

I also find on smaller screens the Purchase orders fall under, and not next to - a waste of space, poor formating it sems.

Hope this can be solved?

Hi Martin,

the option to "Print labels when booking in:" is managed via a tick box which is then remembered as a setting for you.

This means that you only need to tick the option once and then use the Book In button to both print the labels and update stock levels

As the screen size reduces the Purchase Order grid automatically moves down as it was felt that the column widths within the grid would become too narrow to make them useable.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

This does not give the functionality of Desktop where you would print a user selected number of labels before booking in - sometimes you need to replace a damaged label only and not all items.

Also if you change this radio button during an order it fails to book in items and you are left counting stock to check!

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