Quantity in Open Orders Highlighted When More than One

 In desktop the quantity was highlighted by a blue box when it was more than one item and I never missed one.

In .net it is bold but that's all and I miss it all the time.

Please can the quantity be highlighted as per desktop it really saves mistakes being made.

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My staff suffer from these mistakes all the time in .net, it's unfortunate Linnworks doesn't think this is an important features.

Im also in for thi option!

3 years ago and still no update from Linnworks, we need more people to realise this is an important function. 

There is a simple solution that we use to identify orders > a number of your choice! 

We have a simple rule set up for identifying orders which are more difficult to pick eg > 20 items, but you could use the same technique to identify orders > 1.

Using the Rules Engine set up a "Condition Group": eg Line Count (total) greater than or equal to eg 20.

Then set up an Action using "Assign an identifier to order" with an Action Value as an Identifier (PS the Identifier will need to be set up first under Settings > Order Settings > Identifiers > Add Identifier ... add an appropriate icon to use for orders over 1).

Enable the rule and this will then apply an icon identifier to the order as a "visual" check to highlight orders over eg 20 (in our case we have a green greater than icon). It is also possible to set up a view using this identifier to show all orders > eg 20.

Another solution is to use the order filters on Open Orders Beta. Click Items > Items Sum > then click greater than eg 1 > Apply

I hope that this helps!

The above example is using a rule for "line count" but you can set up for "item count" as well :) 

That's a good idea, will work great using the open orders screen. I solely use dispatch console of which I have different views ie Processing single orders, one for Multi Orders (Item count > 1) and international. So the user would never really use the open orders screen for processing, this screen I use just for picking, and then they just need to scan the item and proceeds to the process order screen which is where the issue with the quantity field lies. I have thought about have 2 separate views using your method, Processing single Orders (Line count is 1) and another line count > 2. But that would be quite difficult to keep track of and would involve 2 extra picking lists which becomes unnecessary. Maybe using the rules you have set, there would be a way it can place a notification on the process orders screen, that would at least alert the user there is more than 1 item as it is very easily missed, even by using the sort by number of products setting (which I've attached) the user can sometimes miss when the qtys start changing to more than 1 and not realise they made a mistake until the end of processing that item because they are left with a few extra of those items.

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