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Any developers able to help us with auto printing?

Hi All,

We're hoping to reach out to a developer/development company capable of adapting Linnworks Desktop or .NET to allow us full auto printing capabilities.

I know Linnworks has the built in functionality to do this however we'd need conditions set. We've tried doing this through the printer conditions however it got very messy and wasn't "true" auto printing as we still had to manually print orders it would then just go to a printer based on conditions.

What we'd require is it to autoprint only selected orders e.g. Paid, not parked, not within "Drop shipper emailed" folder, from a specific source/product category,  to a specific printer. We have multiple stations within our warehouse that process different products and so want to have the relevant orders constantly being printed off to there station.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and we'd of course be willing to pay for this functionality.

Many Thanks,


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