vat number

VAT numbers are becomming more and more important as many eu countries are demanding their share of the VAT in cross country trading. Hence tradrs need to record VAT numbers and there are a need to have a field for vat numbers on the invoices.  Also the system should hold customer vat numbers. I can see a future where we need to record vat in 28 EU countries and pay to each revenue.

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I have to add customer VAT numbers manually each invoice - time consuming. This would be a great feature.

Considering the new UK finance act which makes market places liable if a seller does not declare its VAT liability correctly, Linnworks should make this a priority to get off the possible liability.  If Linnworks are not seen as providing the right system for VAT compliance, it could be a disaster for them. Also Amazon and Ebay is moving into business selling in a big way and vat number recording is a necessity. 

Unfortunately Linnworks isn't providing the correct VAT reporting information. There is a flaw in that the tax rate applied to the shipping cost does not follow the item. Bear this in mind if you sell anything that is zero rated as Linnworks will incorrectly calculate the postage at 20% VAT when it should be zero as the item.

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