Limiting 8 Images when listing on AMAZON

It would be good is there was the option to limit, or take the first, 8 images for a SKU when listing on Amazon with the configurator - this is easier than a PT9 error.

I do not want to have to use Extended properties for this as not easy to manage moving forward.

Hope this can be looked into.

hi Martin,

I have spoken with one of our developers on this and they have checked the Linnworks source code to confirm what actions are performed

Amazon allows 1 'Main' image and 8 'Other' images

Internally Linnworks then marks the rest of the images as 'None' and  does not send these to Amazon

If you are experiencing something different to this please raise it with the support team with example SKU's so the issue can be investigated and resolved

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

I think there is confusion. 1 main + 8 other = 9 images and Amazon restricts to 8 total. Please can you look at this again?

I hope this can be solved on .net so I can list the rest of my items.

Many thanks 

Hello Martin,

Your topic has been converted into Ticket #1178096.

Please provide SKU examples in the ticket.

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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