Store eBay API orderId for eBay orders

To facilitate external eBay automation processes.


Linnworks currently captures the eBay <SellingManagerSalesRecordNumber> XML field value and stores this value as the order reference number.


Also capture the eBay <OrderID> XML field value and make it available when view orders in or when retrieving orders via the Linnworks API.


The eBay API (Trading API) often requires the raw order ID (<OrderID>) to automate changes to order details directly on the channel.  Without this identifier, many external automation processes are impossible to implement.

Example Scenario:

I sell an item to someone in the UK.  The item is located in my warehouse in Canada.  When the order comes in, it is handed off to Landmark Global to be shipped.  As a result, the order gets an initial Landmark Global tracking number.  The order is marked as processed in Linnworks with that info and the eBay site is updated.

However, a day later, a Landmark Global automated process indicates that the item was handed over to Yodel or GLS and a new tracking number is provided.  Since the order is marked as processed in Linnworks, I am unable to provide this information to Linnworks.  I have an automated routing that can update the order details directly on the eBay channel if I had the raw order id number.  With the (<SellingManagerSalesRecordNumber>) ID that is stored by Linnworks, I am unable to update the order using the eBay API.

If this does not make it into the development plans, can someone provide me with a script or possible order rule (for the rule engine) that can capture this field from the order XML and store it even as an extended property of the order?

My name is Clint Munden.

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Thank you.

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