Allow Variation Prices to be offset on Template screen as well as on the configurator.

Currently if you list a Variation product onto Magento you can only offset the price on the configurator itself.

We stock a LOT of products which each have their own unique pricing needs so we would have to create a unique configurator for each of these products, which is VERY impractical! much so that we have to work around this by listing outside of Linnworks and then map them which is very inconvenient.

The Magento Product Template screen should allow users to do this also, has anyone else encountered this issue?
If so please submit your 'Likes' or comments to hopefully get something done about this.

Hello Marc,

Thank you for your question!

I have converted your topic to a Ticket #1178099.

I would ask you there to provide me with some additional information so thank you in advance!

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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