Integration for DespatchBay in the .net version


I am new to Linnworks, and we use Despatchbay to handle our labels / shipping etc. I recently found out that only the Desktop app can handle this integration which causes me major issues as I do not have a legacy account and so I cannot use the Desktop app. Is there any timeline on when Despatchbay integration is set to happen in the .net version? Or any way that I can use the Desktop app on a new account?

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Hello Dave,

We are not planning to release Despatchbay integration for any time soon. However, there are a few other shipping aggregators, that do support Yodel:

- Parcel2Go:

- GFS:


Recently there was a direct Despatch Bay integration added to 

Please follow our documentation to add this integration. Alternatively there is documentation available on Despatch Bay website

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