Product Extended Properties on Template Designer

Is it possible to add product extended properties to the template designer? This would be useful to access our extended properties such as Commodity Codes and Country of Origin to create Commercial Invoices.

Most Commercial Invoices require this information against the product we are sending overseas.

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This is a much-needed feature for Linnworks. The DPD Integration doesn't work as intended for printing commercial invoices after creating a shipment - you basically have to make a copy of every shipment from the DPD desktop app to allow you to then print the invoice.

I have spoken with Support at Linnworks and have been advised that attributes cannot be used on templates. This seems very limiting given how important templates are.

The only work-around I can think of for now, is to add an 'additional info' field manually to the non-eu orders, then copy in the harmonised/ commodity codes. Then in my 'Commercial Invoice' template I have a column for 'additional info' where it then inserts this code.

I have asked the Linnworks scripting team if they can create a macro that will auto-insert this 'additional info' from an attribute field, next to skus on orders going outside the EU for DPD, but am yet to hear back with a solution. At the moment, I'm not hopeful that there's a solution for completely automating this process.

Any suggestions, or even better Linnworks developments would be very welcome.



I'm struggling with the same thing. Why can't this be added?

It's a basic, and I'm sure a lot of the sellers have the same issue. Can't imagine sellers spending hours every day manually creating the commercial invoices.

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