Electronic Pre Advice 'Commodity Code'

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We've decided that it's maybe time to switch over to the .net version and say goodbye to the desktop version as we'll soon need to use the Royal Mail Electronic Pre Advice. 

Going through what I need to do and pretty much have everything done. Just a quick question regarding Electronic Pre Advice. Can anyone advise if we need to use the entire tariff code as shown on the GOV website eg.-

Shampoo is under Commodity Code 33 05 however the entire code is 33 05 10 00 00. Do we use the long version or short. 

Also if the product does not have a code eg Hair Conditioner what would you use?



You would need to enter the entire code into Extended Properties for all your items.
As to the hair conditioner, I suppose you could use code for "Other" https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/trade-tariff/commodities/3305900000

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