Who else is missing the desktop. I knew that system inside out and found it very user friendly from orders to the inventory. The .net version I am forced to use is very hard to work and no where near as good as the desktop. Is there a way to override and get it back as LW state we have to use the rubbish .net

Starting to look at other providers as the help is limited at best

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Hello Dan, is the way forward. It is quicker, more reliable safer and most importantly does not have the limitations of a desktop infrastructure. You have 24/7 support which goes for any Linnworks service you pay for but we do not see any recent support enquiries. 

Can you tell me what your business does well? Where are you good at with Linnworks Desktop? I just want to let you know that we are here for you with questions regarding If you have them, please ask. I think that once you get more used to, you will see the benefits, but it might take some time to adjust. 

Best regards,

Klaas Schippers

Customer Experience

The .net is by no means faster , its clunky very hard to configure and the documentation is raises more questions than answers as is very unclear, If I want to make a PO order for a supplier its worse than useless as might as well use a pen and paper so fail to see how is better. Cannot get any form of report to downloan so the desktpop far better

Can you tell me what is difficult for you when creating a PO? What types of reports are you looking to get?

On the old system a po can be made with a click , this one not a chance, cannot download the inventory to csv or any sales report. This system has not being thought in the mind of a retailer only in the mind of a computer tech. It is way to complicated for an average user and will hurt the business as to not user friendly at all

What kind of inventory information do you require? How do you currently create and download sales reports? How did you previously create P.O's, with the 'reorder low stock' functionality? If yes, I have good news for you as the reorder low stock functionality will be released for soon. 

That is the main problem with Linnworks and now that you charge heavy user fees the answer is always "Its getting better" or " its coming soon" really need to put the user first and consider the needs as the product is not really fit for use

Would be better to allow the user the choice of desktop or web rather than the forced use/ Personally I want the desktop back

Just tried to make a PO and what a waste of time. Appears have to place item in one a at a time, cannot download a sales history or inventory to compare, asked for help received none !! WHAT AM I PAYING FOR the service is truly shocking. Now I know why my last employer wanted rid on LW so badly

Hello Dan, I am currently trying to understand your precise needs and workflows in order to give you advise. 

Just tried to make a PO and what a waste of time. Appears have to place item in one a at a tim - Can you describe step by step what you do and what the difference with your previous method is?

asked for help received none !!  - I am helping you now? Also, we see that your last support chat was 17 days ago, can you tell me did you call in the meantime? what was discussed?

cannot download a sales history or inventory to compare, - Have you tried Query data? This segment is exactly the same in Linnworks Desktop as it is in and can get you the data you need. Can you tell me what exact data you need? I can then help you choose the report which is best for you. 

WHAT AM I PAYING FOR the service is truly shocking - Is it really that bad, Dan? What functionality do you rely on the most? What do you need to be competitive? As far as price for functionality goes, there is no product currently on the market that offers the number of integrations and is as customizable as Linnworks for this price. Because the subscription fees are based on the number of users rather than commission/revenue based, you can make millions whilst paying Linnworks the same money, if that isn't scaling I don't know what is. 

Would be good to know the answers to the questions above and we'll help you forward,

All we require is the abilty to make a PO without selecting products 1 by 1. We used to download a report of 7 days adjust the min levels and reimport then donload supplier products only and reimport to a PO to made up of the new min levels. The PO now does not seem to have any function to import making it useless or have we missed something


Apologies for this inconvenience.  I totally understand how inconvenient you find the current PO functionality in .net. I can image that an ability to select multiple  items at once would make it a lot  easier to use. However, I can assure you that our developers are working on  building up a completely new PO management system for .net which I believe will be a lot more user-friendly. 

In regards to sales history or inventory reports. As my colleague Klaas  has suggested please take a look at the  data reports which can accessed by using Query Data in Dashboards: This functionality allows you obtain a variety of information in terms of finance, inventory, listings, order and purchasing. At the same time you can use this to eve build your own Custom reports if you have knowledge in SQL.

Let us know if you have other questions/concerns.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

but why you guys have took of deskptop version. it was more better. bring back pls

We still use the Desktop version. I have really given the .net version a good go, but the Open orders usability is not a good for me.

I love how on the Desktop it is easy to highlight multiple orders and I can see so many more orders on the screen in one glance, rather than scrolling up and down. Many more thing make it preferred for me.

I agree that .net has some good features, but as I use the Open Orders screen the most I am sticking with Desktop.

Oh I forgot to add, how easy it is to sort the columns on desktop, such as just clicking on date will sort it by date. The extra couple of steps to do this on .net I find an inconvenience.

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