Add "Dispatch By" Field in the Create New Order Form

Currently when creating a new order in there is no ability to set the "dispatch by" date. This is an annoying limitation that renders Linnworks incapable of being used to effectively to take off line and phone orders.

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It would be useful to have this column in open orders.  For example, Amazon gives us SLAs on when we have to ship the order by.  It would be better to have this data in Linnworks instead of having to search the order on Amazon and see when it has to be shipped by.

This is vital functionality that is missing. How do other users know when to ship orders?

Could this functionality be added please? The dispatch date is obviously stored somewhere but for created on the system orders etc there is no way to effect this.

We get custom requests all the time and we cannot capture this frustratingly. We have to stick something into extended properties and hope someone reads it but not all can get a look at this.

Really seem to be missing a trick with this.

I've been looking into this recently too. There is already the option to view dispatch dates in an open order view (see screenshot). The option of adding a dispatch date for direct orders would be very useful though.


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