Integration with TNT?

Are there any plans to offer direct integration with TNT?

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I am afraid, we do not have this in plan. Moreover, TNT was   recently  acquired by FedEx. 

However,  TNT vendor can be used via desktop Metapack integration:

I've seen some customers using TNT as a custom/bespoke integration in Linnworks desktop application, but you will need to double check with TNT whether they can provide you with an integration script.

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Thank you. I've contacted TNT. Would Metapack allow for our personalised courier rates to be inputted?

We're having the same issue. Direct TNT integration would be desirable, as many new customers with TNT are coming, they offer excellent rates right now. Although they have been acquired by Fedex, they are keeping the TNT brand and existing infrastructure. I've spoken with some of the guys at TNT who confirmed this.

It would be highly lucrative for linnworks to invest in direct TNT integration as they will be one of the main players for "rest of world" shipping for many UK and EU based businesses, meaning more people thinking about using linnworks are likely to jump onboard.

Yes, completely agree Richard. After 10 years of trying different services, we now ship internationally solely via TNT - it is the most competitive courier at our volume for all countries outside the UK. Integration with Linnworks is needed!


There is no direct integration with TNT, however in there is a World Options Shipping Integration available, that gives you access to ship using UPS, DHL, FedEx, TNT, and DPD Shipping Services within Linnworks.
You can check how to integrate it here: 

The only problem with using World Options Shipping, is that we do not get the good rates that TNT offer, making it worthless.

Direct integration with TNT would be advantageous for all linnworks customers, especially as they have the best rates at the moment, a huge improvement over other couriers for Europe and rest of world shipments.

Exactly Richard.

TNT is a major carrier with a unique set of services into UK,  Europe and the world. We really need to have the major carriers integrated into LW.

We also desperately need Royal Mail tracked returns which is another major offering that would add tremendous value to businesses using LW. 

Can we have an official update please on what future plans are ?


Our shipping developers are current assessing the need for this integration and would like to get the number of how many of our customers require it. I've opened tickets for everybody in this topic to get confirmation.

If anybody is looking at this topic and would also like to be included in this list, send us an email at or open a ticket, chat or give us a call and ask about the TNT integration.



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