Automated Minimum Level

I would like to see a fully automated 'Minimum Level' on 'My Inventory' for each warehouse location (including FBA locations), one that does not rely on the user creating and uploading spreadsheets at regular intervals as this leaves room for human error. Ideally this would update at regular intervals (at least daily) making the minimum level at each warehouse location highly accurate. 

Also it would be helpful if the user could specify how many days cover they would like to account for each warehouse location, by default we like to allow for 90 days of cover for most products in our own warehouse, however we may only want to cover for 60 days in our FBA locations. It would also be helpful if this could be overridden at a product level as some products have a shorter lead time.

This feature would be really useful for us as it would allow for us to see our available stock at each location and also an accurate real time minimum level for each location so that we can use this as our basis for replenishing stock in our FBA warehouse locations. 

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