Support download of mandatory Fruugo invoices

Fruugo insist that we use their invoices.  There are reasons why we need to but the manual process for downloading these from Fruugo is long winded and time consuming.  Fruugo have commented that their API does support the download of their invoices but that Linnworks declined to adopt it.

Reasons to use Fruugo produced invoices...

1. They include a mandatory return slip.

2. They are produced in the language local to the customer.

3. They use the currency local to the customer whereas Fruugo only passes values in the sellers local currency which are often different.

None of this can be replicated in Linnworks, particularly point number 3.  We cannot, for example, send an invoice produced in Linnworks that would show values in GBP when the customer purchased through Fruugo using their local currency.

Can Linnworks please review this and consider downloading the Fruugo invoices through the API?

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