Add two and more images in one step; Add Images via drag-n-drop

Can you please add to

1. Feature to add more than one image per one action of selecting from folder on a computer.

2. Feature to add several images via drag-n-drop.

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Hi Isak, 

I have got some good news for you, we've already run a couple of test for this feature - Add more than one image per one action of selecting from a folder on a computer - and it definitely passed all them. It will be released very soon, although I could not give you an ETA for it. I will let you know as soon as it is out and available to use.


Adding several images via Drag-n-drop I am afraid it won't be implemented for the time being.  


Implementation Team 

Hi there, 

Multiple image upload is now available.

Implementation Team 

Wow. Thank you very much. It is very helpful for everybody!

Try to think about drag and drop also.

+1 from our team for a drag and drop feature to add images - it would speed up our process so much having this.

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