Fnac : Promo/Bon plan are disabled if inevntory is synchronised.


Thank you for developing Linnworks, it saves us lot of time.

I would like to solve a problem with Fnac marketplace.

On Fnac, we can make discount, promo, bon plan... The problem is that linnworks will erase the promo each time the inventory is synchronized.

We are making promo regularly, so now we had to deactivate inventory sync to keep our promo running.

Would it be possible to solve this problem?




Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Are you saying  that any time you change your prices on the channel, Linnworks overwrites  it and the prices then defaults to the original value? If so, could you please provide me with an example SKU? The  thing is that FNAC integration  does  not yet support price sync so not sure how we could have overwritten the prices. Some screen shots would be also quite useful.

Thank you in advance. 

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

Hello Ilja,
When the function "Inventory sync" is on : the part "Ajouter une promotion à votre offre" (Add a discount) is erase every time the inventory sync is done.
I don't change the price on the channel. Only the discount part is deleted, the "regular price" doesn't change.
To keep the discount, I have to stop to sync the inventory. The part bellow is erased by inventory sync :



fnac1.PNG fnac1.PNG
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Please be informed that  I have raised a ticket on your behalf in  regards to this issue. May you please  provide me with some details within the ticket?

May I please have an example SKU which at the moment  is listed on the channel, has a discount  applied and the one which we can update from our side so to see what Linnworks  is sending to FNAC  when  an inventory sync  occurs?   If the feed we  submit to the  channel does  indeed include  a request to remove a promo, I will pass this over to our developers for further  investigation. Please also let me know if we can enable Inventory Sync for some time so to  run some tests.

Best regards,

Ilja  Lissov

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