Despatch Console - More Options for Faster Processing


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We use "Scan Required" within Despatch Console.

To offer faster and easier ways to use despatch console, we request the following features:

  1. When turning on setting [Complete scan is required for all items before processing], have the Scan Items Screen popup automatically when    opening the Processing Screen - this removes having to manually click Scan Items buttons for every order
  2. Trigger the Auto Print Label with the event: [Scan Item Successful -> Scan Item Screen Close] instead of the current event, which is: [Process  Order Screen Open]. It would be best to have an option to set the trigger event.
  3. Set Despatch Console by Item Barcode setting [Process first one only] to be persistent.  Current behavior - we have to re-click this setting every time Despatch Console is reopened

If anyone already has a workaround to any of these issues, please share.

Thank you.

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We need all these! 

annoyingly this is pretty much the way the dispatch console behaves in desktop but NOT .net stopping us using .net I am told that they are fixing the complete scan issue. 

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