multiple postage rate tables - (eBay Australia)


eBay Australia has recently developed a new option (and design) for its Postage Rate table options. Now multiple postage rate tables can be created within eBay AUS. 

However, in the configurators on Linnworks, if one wishes to use a Postage Rate Table, only one box is able to be ticked. At that point, Linnworks only applies one of the Postage rate tables (the older one/ the original one, I believe) to the listings within said configurator. 

Has Linnworks looked into this, and is Linnworks thinking of developing the option to tick the box, and then choose from the multiple available on eBay postage rate tables? 

All the best, 

Maria Tsaneva


This feature has now been added to other eBay international sites. It would be great if you could select the specific postage rate table on the eBay configurator. 


Edward White

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