Option for composite items to show in the invoice

The invoice Order Item table currently only show the SKUs which were bought from particular platform i.e. Ebay or Amazon. Templates for Pick/Pack lists can show either Parent or Child Composite SKUs, but not the invoice on it's own.


It would be really good if there was an option to include the composite item in the invoice itself as well. Sometimes when we are selling bundles it gets really confusing in terms of what's actually included.


Many thanks in advance.


It is possible to add composites to the invoice and it's quite simple to do. 
Here's a quick tutorial on how to do it:

1.Start off from the template designer and go into your template by clicking the edit function:


2. In your template double-click on the item table(highlighted yellow) which opens up the table editor:


3. When in the table editor head to the sub table section and from there click"show sub table". Also make sure that the SKU is shown for this to work:


Once you've done this simple process you will see the composite items as well as the parent items!


I hope this helped you creating the template you need! 

Kind regards,


Technical Support

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