Bring desktop Search functionality over to .net

With this .net version, you have oddly broken the search feature. Typing a few words from an items title in Desktop allows us to find every item that matches the search. But oddly in .net, you have to almost match the title of the stock items exactly. Which means we have desktop open just literally to use search, and .net for most other things. 

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Hi Nigel,

The totally free text search that you have previously experienced to find all titles that contain multiple words that might exist in any order is very heavy when used which is why this has not been immediately ported into .net

Enhanced searching is in the plans for 2018 and it will be announced when this becomes available.

In the meantime a facility within the .net search that you might not be aware of is the use of the wildcard "%". When this is placed between words within the search it will allow you to find titles that contain all of the words that you are searching for. The one major thing to be aware of is that it is searching for these words in the sequence you have entered them into the search.

For example

Toyota%light will return all titles that contain both words in that sequence

  • A title such as "Toyota Hilux / Revo Chrome Head Light Trim" will be returned as both words exist in the same sequence as the search
  • A title such as "Chrome Head Light Trim Toyota Hilux / Revo " will not be returned as although both words exist the sequence is reversed

Therefore if you titles within Linnworks follow a structure the use of the wildcard will help when searching

Hope this helps, regards
Mark Aldous
Head of Implementation
Linn Systems Ltd

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