Linnworks Magento Order Sync/Trigger Channel Tasks

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I have had issues relating to this before but I am willing to find a solution for my issue as it's not the first time I have had this problem and would like to see a fix.

I keep having issues with the Magento Order Sync & Trigger Channel tasks as it will take ages for it to refresh my orders so I cant continue packing my orders up, can I ask what the issues as I have had a look through my settings on Linnworks and Magento but everything looks to be in working order. 

Is this maybe because I am on the free version of Linnworks and for that reason, I am placed on lower quality servers which have issues every so often? I have also checked my connection and everything is working 100%


I understand fully if it's on Linnworks end and you are having maintenance but I have not received any notice of this? I am also sure this problem will be fixed later on but its just a bit of a pain as it stops me halfway through the day and would like to look for a fix so I do not have this issue again sometime down the line.

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Hello Gary,

I have taken a look at your Magento synchronization logs and and everything appears to be in order. 

Do not see any errors for the past couple of days nor have there been any delays it seems. 

Syncs were run every 10 minutes or so which is an expected frequency. 

The screenshot that you provided shows the next scheduled sync processes. I would suggest monitoring your synchronization in Settings>Automation Logs instead as more details are provided there.

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Hi Daniel

I have had a look at the logs and it has given me a few logs but one thing does stand out that I am not too sure of if you could point me in the right direction.


The thing that we have noticed that it has told me "payment method is not allowed"

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This log note is not an error, it means that  this  order was  not downloaded because the payment method is not allowed. The thing is that in your  Magento config you have unticked the setting called Download Pending Orders which means that all Pending orders will be skipped.    Once the order changes to Processing status on Magento, it will be downloaded. Therefore, this should not  cause any Magento Sync issues. If you wish to download pending orders, you will need to tick the setting and select the Payment Methods To Download Pending Orders:

Let me know if there is still something what concerns you.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

Hi There

I have sorted the error and it was down to our end on our eBay store because my co-worker was changing around some information on our eBay store and it caused errors. I have also enabled "Downloading Pending Orders" for the future just in case I get any more issues. The error on our end is very hard to explain as it was down to eBay and M2e Pro which is a program we use and it was having issues with product info.

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards


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