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Can someone advise, How to setup strike through pricing on amazon using MSRP price and Sales price.

I have tried it by updating Sale Start DateSale End DateSale Price (Value) and MSRP (Value)  in configuration and skus(extended property) but for some unknown reason its not working. 



If you wish  to manage the  SALE prices by updating or revising listing in Linnlive you will need to set up a sale price on an Amazon listing in LinnLive. As you have  correctly mentioned, for that you will need to set up the following Attributes in your Amazon Configurator (MSRP one is not a necessity here, could you please clarify why you need  the MSRP attribute?): 




Note that The format of the date is inverted, so it should be specified as YYYY/MM/DD.

Map those attributes to the values set up in item's Extended Properties or set up a Default Value. After that, please, Save the changes and Revise the Configurator, or the item itself.

Another way to achieve this would be by using the automated price sync within Linnworks. You would need to import prices for your stick items with a '_SALE' prefix added after the subsource, which will then upload the sale price with the retail price being stricken through. Please have a look at the following article, explaining how the automated pricing needs to be set up exactly:

I hope  that this helps.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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