Import high res ebay photos in Extract Inventory

When I import eBay listings via Extract Inventory, grabs low-res versions of the item pictures.

This is problematic when creating new templates from my Linnworks Inventory either into restocked eBay listings or new Bigcommerce listings.

Attached is low-res, re-listed example. 




I believe this issue has been resolved now so that the high res images are retrieved via Extract Inventory from eBay.

I have checked one of your items SKU 01621 and can see the following

  • Images currently saved to the Linnworks inventory item are low resolution
  • Images currently available in Extract Inventory are high resolution

Please use the Update functionality from Extract Inventory to update the Linnworks Inventory images

If the issue is not resolved please directly with Support.

Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems

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