Multiple location warehouse transfers from one warehouse

If stock is stored in more than one location in a warehouse, being able to choose which location the stock should be transferred from would be a great feature.

Currently the total stock level is amended when doing a transfer but it doesn't specify what location within that warehouse it's taken from.  Even if the 'accepted' stage of the transfer is printed and shows the bin location, it will only show the first/default location of where stock is being held e.g if you need to to transfer 50 items and there are 30 in the default/first bin and 20 in the second, the 'accepted' transfer will say to pick all 50 from the first/default location even though there aren't 50 in there.  This makes it very difficult to track stock in the warehouse and although there is the option to batch items, this still doesn't allow warehouse transfers to make it easy for the user to choose where the stock should be taken from when completing a warehouse transfer.

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