It appears that onbuy.com may have been lying to me. Their rep has today not replied to my emails after advising last week that onbuy.com was now integrated with Linnworks. He also advised that their membership would be free for first 12 months however I have now been charged for this month. Linnworks have advised me that there is no future plans to include onbuy.com. Now I know why.


There are, indeed, no plans from our end to create an integration for OnBuy.com. However, as far as I'm aware there is a 3rd party company that is currently working on creating an integration via the API for Linnworks. I cannot provide you with any specific details as this will be an external application once created. It will have to go through all the checks from our side to make sure it works, but all the support in terms of its functionality will be provide by the 3rd party. At this point I have no ETA for the integration as we are not the ones controlling the creation of this app. I'm afraid I can't say anything in regards to the fact if it will be free of charge or not, it is not for us to decide, but to the developer of the integration. 

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Technical Support Team

I was told also that linnworks was intergrating with onbuy.....


We're already on and selling with Onbuy through Linnworks.  Onbuy sent me the app and instructions. My orders, stock etc. are sync with Linn

It's not a full channel integration with Linnworks, it's an App. Onbuy has to give it to you. No they don't charge for it.

StoreFeeder and Channeladvisor appear to be direct integrations, we are considering moving as everything with Linn is slow to uptake. Why would these two massive systems integrate before Linn?

Hopefully Linn will consider a full integration with them, since they are the only UK marketplace that has ever actually made us sales.

Until then, we're making do with the App, which does work, but we have to run exports to create products.


I am afraid, there are no plans for integrating OnBuy for now.

I can  see that you have already voted in our Forum in regards to the integration, our Implementation team constantly monitor the Forum so as soon as it gets the needed number of votes, they will review the request and  consider the implementation of the direct integration.

For the time being, the other option is to apply for the use of Onbuy  app directly from the developers of it once it is ready to be released.

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Ilja Lissov

A new OnBuy integration has been created so you can list from Linnworks, but setting up the configurators is a bit clunky so having to learn as I go with trial and error.

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