ROLS - To Min Level and To Fulfil Orders


On ROLS, if you select 'To Min Level', then any items with the Min Level as 0 do not show.

This is a problem when you have items in Open Orders that have a Min Level as 0

The only way to get those items on a PO is to select 'Fulfil Orders', but then that does not include items that are below Min Level but none are required to fulfil orders.

The way I see it, if an item has a Min Level of 0, and 1 in open orders, the Level is -1, so we need to get one to get back to our target Min Level of 0

Here is an example

If I have an item SKU1234 with a Min Level of 0 and stock level of 0 (the item is special order)

Someone orders 1 x SKU1234

SKU1234 Stock Level is now -1 and minimum is 0

Therefore, I need 1 item to get back to the minimum of 0

But the level is -1 when an item is in an open order?

The way we have to work around now is to create 2 lots of POs, one to Min Level and one to Fulfil Orders. This is not desirable or efficient and can lead to ordering errors.

If this can't be done, an easier request - can we not have To Min Level + Fulfil Orders button?

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