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Whistl Integrations

Since Whistl is used in our company to ship to our customers, and it is also used by many vendors to streamline their shipping process, I'm surprised that Whistl integrations is not offered by Linnworks. As this is not supported by Linnworks, we have no option but to do Shipping manually as we did before Linnworks. 

(I understand there are 3rd party integration apps for Linnworks, but it is not flexible enough, leading to more admin, and more confusion)


As the integration has already been developed as a 3rd party application embedded into Linnworks, there are no plans for us to write our own native integration.

The integration that exists should work exactly the same as if it was one developed natively by Linnworks. 

If you find it has aspects missing that other carrier integrations support please raise this directly with the developer Ebusiness Guru who I am sure will be happy to discuss this with you.


Mark Aldous

Head of Implementation

Linn Systems Ltd

Good morning,

eBusiness Guru developed the Whistl integration directly on behalf of Whistl, and according to their specificationsIf you would like to contact, he would be happy to discuss what you feel is lacking in the integration, and can work with you and Whistl themselves to see if we can reassure you that the Whistl integration for Linnworks can meet your needs.

Kind regards

The eBusiness Guru team

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