Sold Stock Totals per month and for Single Unit & Composites

So I have SINGLE unit (SKU), Pack of 2(Composite SKU)  and Pack of 3 (Composite SKU) for a particular Item . I would like to get a report which sums up the composites to the parent SKU and get me  a total of sold items per MONTH for the year.

So for example:

Single unit- Sold-10

Pack of 2- Sold 10

Pack of 3 Sold- 20

Hence total per month will be 10+10x2+10x3 = 60 units.

How do I get such a report. Also it would be great if I can get it by supplier and sold units per month for every month. Basically I am trying to predict my stock consumption per month and seasonal consumption so it helps me to place an order.


There is no such report availble.

You can see the list of all available reports and their descriptions here:

Financial Reports
Inventory Reports
Order Reports
Purchasing Reports

I trust you will find a report that meets your requirements amongst them

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