Sold Stock Totals per month and for Single Unit & Composites

So I have SINGLE unit (SKU), Pack of 2(Composite SKU)  and Pack of 3 (Composite SKU) for a particular Item . I would like to get a report which sums up the composites to the parent SKU and get me  a total of sold items per MONTH for the year.

So for example:

Single unit- Sold-10

Pack of 2- Sold 10

Pack of 3 Sold- 20

Hence total per month will be 10+10x2+10x3 = 60 units.

How do I get such a report. Also it would be great if I can get it by supplier and sold units per month for every month. Basically I am trying to predict my stock consumption per month and seasonal consumption so it helps me to place an order.

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There is no such report availble.

You can see the list of all available reports and their descriptions here:

Financial Reports
Inventory Reports
Order Reports
Purchasing Reports

I trust you will find a report that meets your requirements amongst them

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