Big Commerce Configurator

With eBay configurators it's possible to pre-fill the description element of the listing configurator with some basic information.

The 'description' doesn't seem to show on the configurator settings for Big Commerce, is it somewhere else or is there a work around?

Help would be appreciated.



I believe the description is automatically filled from your "Short Description", unless you have added a specific "Big Commerce Description" to the item.

Been a while since I set them up, but that's how I remember it working.


Thank you for raising  this.

You are correct, there is  no option for BigCommerce Description within configurators list. However,  you have an  option  to modify the description within the templates  screen itself. The system will pull the data either from  Metadata or Listing Description field of the  stock  items, depending on where you store the information. Note that  the Listing Description  tab data will be prioritized over the Metadata one if both exist. 

I hope this was helpful. 

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

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