Unable to assign a configurator to a listing imported from eBay

I wasn't sure if this is a hiccup or a feature that isn't yet supported/developed

I imported an existing eBay listing to the inventory and am trying to assign a configurator to it

In the Inventory panel I right-clicked the listing and then clicked Edit EBAY listing(s)

It then brings me to eBay Templates window where the configurator option is greyed out indicating "no template"



If you wish to create a template for an eBay listing which was created outside of LW, you would need to either use Extract Inventory Tool which can be found in Settings, or eBay Mapping Tool which can only be  accessed via Linnlive or Desktop client (Inventory Control -> Product Listing). 

I will attach links to Extract inventory: https://www.linnworks.com/support/settings/extract-inventory


eBay Mapping: https://www.linnworks.com/Doc/ebay_listing_mapping_to_templates

By the means of using either of these  tools you will be able to create a template for the listing which was not created via LW.

I hope this was helpful.

Best regards,

Ilja Lissov

Hi Ilja

The Extract Inventory seems very useful, I'm trying to figure out how to assign a Configurator template to a downloaded listing

I went to Extract Inventory, downloaded a listing, created a new stock item, then on My Inventory right-click Edit EBAY listing(s)". it takes me to this window where the Configurator option is grayed out (unclickable "no template" button)

I wasn't sure what I'm missing in the process? I followed the instructions at https://www.linnworks.com/support/settings/extract-inventory


In order to assign a configurator to your listings by using the Extract Inventory Tool, please make sure you follow these steps:

1. From the Extract Inventory screen, click on Update button (the listing template can also be added while you are creating the item).

2. Tick "Listing Template" option

3. Select the configurator from the drop-down menu


I hope this information is useful to you.

Kind regards,


Hi Angela

It works perfectly, I just noticed the Listing template drop down on the Update panel

Thanks a lot for the continued support in resolving this!

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