USA Sellers- Is LW even worth


I would like to get in touch with USA sellers to see if LW is working out for you? We have integrated and since day 1, we have consist issues with LW. recently LW was not submitting the feeds (Tracking numbers) and we got a hit for being banned for holiday season. 

Also, half the time, we see the customer support does not know the answers to questions?

What is your experience for USA sellers?

If your a US seller and use Linnworks, all I can say is get Shipstation for shipping.

It integrates with Linnworks, makes shipping easy and no problems.

Linnworks was cumbersome when working with UPS and USPS to say the least.

Try Shipstation and you'll be glad you did.

Does ship station allows you to customize shipping labels with other half showing invoice, sku number etc?

Yes, Shipstation can be setup to print labels and invoices however you wish.


Hi, we're looking at setting up a warehouse in the USA. Are there any US based sellers using Linnworks and how is that working out for them? Can't immediately tell which shipping integrations are set up for USA internal shipping?

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