Export inventory view


I find Linnworks extremely flexible and easy to filter in the .net inventory view. My previous 3rd party tool, we were able to export the view to create a specific file.

I would love if Linnworks could export Inventory views.

Example, I created a view, then I would check the columns I need and Linnworks could export them, this is how my previous 3rd party tool do it.

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I agree.  This is a far more efficient process than having to change filters on export templates.

With the previous package I used, I was able to search the inventory to locate the exact parts I need to edit.  I could then select these and export using a pre-existing template.

This meant that if I was working on a set of products, I could very quickly identify the items on screen.  I could then export the products using 3 different templates that I'd created months/years before.

Useful feature to have!

This would be so helpful. My boss is looking at just exporting the stock levels for a single product. Filtering through CSV's is too time-consuming for him.

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