css <style> now not working in dispatch emails


I have successfully been using a very nice html/css dispatch email template for some time.

I have recently noticed that the emails are now not looking correct and all the <style> tags are being displayed as plain text instead of actual styles.  As a result the emails look bare and there are 12 lines of style data at the top of every email.  Not so pretty anymore.

Has something changed and is there a way to successfully display my css in the dispatch email?

Thank you 

OK so it seems they look OK once they are sent, just not when previewing via Linnworks.net.


Thank you for contacting our technical support.

The email template may be reflected incorrectly in the HTML preview, unfortunately.

It was designed to miss some of the sections of the code due to security reasons.

However, when the template will be generated and delivered to the customer, it should be correctly reflected.

I would also like to mention that in-Line CSS can be considered as preferable for most email providers.

If you have any external CSS links email providers can actually remove them as well.

Gmail, for example, doesn't load external CSS and it needs to be in-Line.

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