Improvements for walmart listing tool...



Thanks for the walmart listing tool! A couple of requests for improving the walmart listing tool:

1) Provide a link to the item that is matched (if one is found) on before clicking on the list button (we would like to be able to ensure that the product page we list our item against is the correct item before doing so).

2) Provide a link to items listed on within the listing tool once they are under listed. Provides a direct link to the item in case we need to make changes or review the item.


Kind Regards, Ed


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We need to be able to see what has and hasn't been listed on Walmart.
Seems like basic feature?


The ability to sort/filter by stock qty would be a massive improvement as well.


After trying to use the WalMart listing tool as it is now it is basically useless unless you only have a few items.

Features needed for it to actually be useful would be.

Ability to filter items by:

What is already listed/not listed on Walmart.

Sort products by quantity/name/sku.

Bulk list a large quantity without having to switch pages, which doesn't work now as it seems to reorder items when you switch page.

Link to view listing on Walmart

Search for UPC on Walmart for identical items.

I'm sure there is more, but these are the ones we use on the Linnworks listing platform for other channels, seems like we need some sort of "Standard" for listing tools.

Not sure why these were not added, but this really needs to be revisited to make it useful.

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