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As Amazon Custom has now been rolled out over the European marketplaces, could the addition to these fields be added to the configurator to allow us to create products from within Linnworks? The customer data would also be required during the order import.

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Hello Jamie,

Can you please create a ticket for attention of Nik Barford in regards to this development. i think we can write a macro for you to handle it.

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We'd love to have this available for our account too as we sell personalised products with customisations.

Hi Nik, 

Is this a possibility, we would also be interested in Amazon Custom.




So far it is not possible to automate it as Amazon provides this info in a zipped file with different structure for each customer (depending on a type of custom data). we currently looking at possible options to do it, but for now it is quite tricky.

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Hello Nik,

Yes we have explored the same thing in our account using > View Order XML > BuyerCustomizedInfo > URL > .zip file with .JSON. Is there a temporary workaround for this? As we are planning to integrate our personalised orders with linnworks.


Hello Nik,

We are planning to upload all our inventory with Amazon custom and it will be really useful to get a solution to existing problem as soon as possible..Could you please update whether Linnworks is working on it?



We are currently not working on it, as it is currently impossible to create generic solution to handle zipped files with constantly changing format of JSON file inside. Something bespoke made for your account is possible, you can check one of our integrations partners:

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Hi - we have just started with Amazon Custom also as we process a lot of personalised products via Amazon.

Has anyone found an efficient solution extracting the personalised data from Amazon yet (perhaps using one of the integration partners above)?

Hello Mike, 

This is Ethan from HyperCommerce. I'm able to offer you a custom script that will give you an export of the customised data from Linnworks. This will include Amazon Order Ids, Order Information, Customisation Information, URL with customised assets.

A more streamlined approach would be to embed this information within the order as Order Notes

Please let me know if you'd be interested in a custom solution.

If you need custom solutions such as Advanced SQL Queries, Custom Reports, API Solutions or Integrations, please feel free to reach me at

please check my dedicated notes column feature request, and vote for it if you like it. It would help a lot for those of us that offer personalised services.

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