Reorder Stock from .NET

We are in the process of migrating all our staff over to .net from desktop.

However some features are missing, one of which is reorder low stock. It would be great to have this feature in .net and not have to carry on using the two applications separate. Reordering stock is a key part of any business which I am sure you are aware off!

Many Thanks

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This would certainly help to make the decision to migrate over to .net and then concentrate on using the using rather than being frustrated about having to jump between the 2.

I was told about 2 years ago this was 6 months off!

They put the price up on everyone and want everyone to use .net and it's not even close to being finished!

I started using Linnworks 12 months ago and since I have found myself, paying for functions .net should have but are not working.

Still no movement on this?

There will be more detailed docs and videos on how to do this coming out soon, but in the meantime, here is how it works:

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