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How do you all list items on Ebay using templates. I got free html template from LW but guess was the template does not work.. The visual editor also does not work as its suppose to. Any guidance please.

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Hello Shirin,

Could you please specify what exactly do you mean by "not working" and whether you are you using linnworks.net or LinnLive to list the products on eBay. 

I previewed the HTML templates you currently have on both of your eBay confgurators and they appear fine.


You have a freebie template by Linnworks in colobration with Crazy lister. The template I got was from Linnwork email. Anyways, that template is not working. 

i have the same issue! LW have recommened the HTML ocding by Ebusiness...but when you go to edit the code in Visual it just showing a circle!?

So if this is not working , how do other guys use Linnworks for ebay listing?


eBay templates are a way to show information about the product in the description when you list them using Linnworks . A template is HTML code that does the layout, and you add in item-specific information and pics-  that way everything is a common layout.

The templates are fed into the Linnworks configurator for eBay listing.

Hope this helps.



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The problem is that the HTML template by Linnworks does not work. Also your visual layout does not function.


I have used these templates and they work fine for me. I have a listing using this template at the moment:


I have to say that we are currently going though the process of revising our eBay templates so this listing will not show this free template downloaded form the Linnworks site for long. I have attached a screenshot as well in case it has changed by the time you view the listing.

Hope this helps.


Hello SK SK,

Please confirm if you are using linnworks.net or LinnLive to preview the templates and which browser you are using if you are on linnworks.net. Please attach a screenshot demonstrating the issue as well. 

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