Google Drive Support

Ability to export to Google Drive (or whatever the service is changing to in 2018).

The Google suite of services (like Sheets with Google App Script) would allow a whole bunch of automation stuff to be done relatively easily by LW users. 

Allowing us to extend the usefulness of LW by making specific bits of automation for our business.

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Dear Support,

Is there a particular reason we are not getting any answers on this request? As you can see in my attached screenshot it has been upvoted 22 times and it's second most popular request at the moment.

Any update on this feature request? It would be so useful.. Thank you 

I asked about this at Linn Academy 2019, Fed said something like they are working on the "Inventory" section next and this will be apart of it. They are certainly aware of the request and agreed it would be a good addition, I guess its just low priority for them?

Also desperate for a google drive integration here!  

I'm not the only one then! Drive support for exports would be very useful.

I am surprised this isn't available google drive is pretty standard now for companies.

Is there any update

Still no update Linnworks?

Direct import into linnworks from Google Sheets would also be good :)

We have to use all these mad work around to go from Linnworks->Dropbox->Google Sheets so that we can analyse our sales and other record data. Unfortunately this is very limited as Google have a max file size you can import from an external place like Dropbox...

A direct Google Drive integration would open up a lot of doors for a lot of customers

Please implement this feature!

2 years and still no update. This software is moving slower than a snail through the salt flats.

Should we expect this feature to be included, anytime soon?

As the initial poster mentioned, it would allow for almost an effortless automation outside of linnworks.

Another Yes from me still in 2022 5 years on :)

New customer chiming in here. We'd love to use Google Drive.

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